The AIS-CTRX is a high performance, low cost and highly robust Automatic Identification System (AIS) Class B transponder with both receiving and transmitting capabilities. The AIS-CTRX makes it possible to navigate and display all vessels equipped with AIS transponders and at the same time be seen by those vessels and by coast stations. Data about your vessel are every 30 seconds or more, depending on configuration and speed. It brings enhanced safety and a whole new dimension to navigation. It has a robust, coated aluminium case, to ensure the unit is able to operate in the harshest environments. The unit has an internal 16-channel GPS it provides all information necessary for navigation. This can be used in the same way as a GPS receiver, for connection to a PC or other instruments. The AIS-CTRX can with a simple push of a button be made ”silent”, meaning that the unit will only receive AIS data from other AIS transponders.

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