AIS (Automatic Identification System) Class B is the latest navigation and safety product for pleasure crafts and smaller commercial vessels. It brings enhanced safety and a whole new dimension to navigation.

The AIS CTRX CARBON has both receiving and transmitting capabilities. The AIS CTRX CARBON makes it possible to navigate and display all vessels equipped with AIS transponders and at the same time be seen by other vessels equipped with Class B adapted AIS equipment. The AIS CTRX CARBON is transmitting its position once every 30 seconds (or more often when asked to do so) to report its identity, position, speed and course over ground etc. to announce its existence.

The AIS CTRX CARBON gives at the same time an accurate position via the built in GPS and is easy to install with the majority of the plotter of PC navigation systems existing on the market today. The AIS CTRX CARBON is also available the built in antenna splitter as AIS CTRX CARBON+ for combined use of antenna with the VHF radio. Both products are prepared for future connection with e.g. alarm and monitoring using AIS technology. The AIS CTRX CARBON can with a simple push of a button be made “silent”, meaning that the unit will only receive AIS data from other AIS transponders.

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