The AIS RX YACHT an Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiver and GPS, creating a full navigation system in one unit. (Also available without built in GPS).  AIS RX YACHT makes it possible to navigate and display all SOLAS ships (Merchant ships) with AIS (Safety Of Life At Sea, a regulation from the International Maritime Organisation) as well as several other ships equipped with AIS.

The AIS RX YACHT has duel channel reception and it will provide a collision avoidance tool and also make it possible to see behind islands and bends as well as to identify Aids to Navigation devices like buoys and lighthouses. It will be a complement to your navigation during darkness and low visibility.

With the AIS RX YACHT you can display any AIS equipped vessel within VHF range on any type of AIS adapted display system. Information transmitted from vessels fitted with AIS Transponders; name, call sign, position, heading, speed, destination, type
and size of vessel.

The AIS RX YACHT is compatible with any chart/ECS and radar system capable of accepting standard NMEA 0183 AIS sentences. The installation is quick and simple, requiring only the connection to a VHF antenna, GPS antenna and computer (PC). AIS RX YACHT is the perfect complement to a radar and has an international standardized interface to various display systems like Electronic Chart Systems (ECS) or radars.

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