The Actisense™ USB to Serial (RS232) cable, provides an external plug´n´play RS232 serial connection for computers, notebooks, laptops, and handheld computing devices that support the USB specification. It comes with a standard D-type 9-pin male connector for the peripherals to plug into, and an attached 35 cm USB cable with a type A plug for connecting to the computer´s USB port or USB hub.


The USB-1 serial cable provides any USB compliant device with a high quality serial connection at a data transfer rate of over 230 Kbps. It makes the USB interface transparent to the peripherals, allowing easy interface to the USB bus, eliminating the set-up hassle normally associated with traditional serial port connections.


The USB-1 serial cable is intelligent too - it can support multiple adapters per PC, and will also remember the exact communication port that each cable was last given by Windows™. This is vital to ensure that all subsequent PC bootups will use the same setup, and communicate correctly with the linked PC software (e.g. Chart-plotter).


As a USB specification compliant device, the USB-1 serial cable also supports the energy-saving suspend and resume operations. Full "handshaking" control is possible for systems that require access to the RTS, CTS and DTR, DSR "handshaking" control pairs.


A data transfer or "handshaking" (orange) LED is built in to the cable housing to offer direct feedback on the status of the data connection.





Downloads (pdf):


USB-1 (79kb)



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