Below you will find things that are related to the GPS Compass Vector Carbon.

E.g. manual for the unit, the latest version of the software PocketMax3, guides how to program so called .PAR-files as well as guides how to set heading bias etc.:

NOTE! The Vector Carbon can also be known as "MV-102" in some of the guides/manuals.


 Manual for the Vector Carbon GPS Compass (2.37Mb)


Default configuration values for the Vector Carbon (2.37Mb)


Guide how to set heading bias (393kB)


PIN-configuration in Vector Carbon (140kB)


Guide how to program .PAR-files (607kB)


PAR-file w/heading on Port A & pos-info on Port C (201B)

1. Click on the link.

2. Copy ALL the sentences (CTRL+A).

3. Open up Notepad and paste (CTRL+V) the sentences in to the document.

4. Go to [File] and use "Save As.." and name the file: "xxx.par". Where "xxx" is the name of your choice. NOTE! It is important to end the filename with ".PAR" (w/o the quotation marks).

5. Click [Save].

6. Use this file to upload the data to the Vector Carbon.


 Software for the Vector kompass, PocketMax3 v3.2.0.3227 (1.08Mb)

Save file locally on your PC and unzip it. Then install the software.

Make sure you have removed older versions of the PocketMax before installing v3.2.0.3227!

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