True Heading Vector GPS Compass (MKI)

True Heading Vector is a GPS compass that  provides accurate 2D heading and positioning data to radar, sonar, chartplotters and AIS. It is a smart antenna design requires no external processor or display, simplifying installation & reducing redundant equipment. Vector combines two GPS receivers in one casing. Everything is built in the antenna and no other boxes needs to be installed. By using a sofisitcated algoritm the Vector has a  Heading accuracy of  +/-0,5°. This is enough to replace a gyro compass but to a fraction of the cost.

The Vector gives position updates up to 5 Hz and Heading updates up to 10 Hz. It has Integrated DGPS sources including WAAS and EGNOS. The Vector is equipped with “rate sensors” that supports the receivers at fast course changes, which gives an unsurpassed accuracy and speed.

Vector comes in two different models; Vector Lite and Vector Pro. Both versions has the same heading accuracy. Vector pro is available with Beacon DGPS source. It has a positioning accuracy of under +/-1m (<+/-5m for Vector Lite).

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