AIS receiver VHF Antenna splitter

The VHF Antenna splitter will make installation much easier as well as save cost for an additional antenna, since it is normally not possible to have two VHF antennas in the top of a mast on a sailboat.The VHF Antenna splitter solves the problem and you can optimize the coverage on all your VHF radio equipment by being able to put the antenna at the highest position for all the equipments. The VHF splitter also works with combined antenna systems like e.g. VHF/GSM or VHF/FM radio. The VHF Antenna splitter will not be able to work with two active units like a VHF and AIS Transponder.

The True Heading VHF Antenna splitter makes it possible to:

  • Use existing VHF antenna installation.
  • Reduce installation cost and time.
  • Improve coverage since you can have the antenna at the highest position for both AIS and VHF.
  • Use your transmitting VHF radio with your AIS receiver.
  • Use VHF, AIS and FM or GSM with the same antenna (requires additional filter).

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